Dear Parents and well-wishers,

I extend my warm welcome to all the members of the DUCSSS family/ visitors. The Delhi United Senior Secondary School has had a rich history and glorious years of excellence.  Over the years, the school has aimed to encourage holistic development of each student and lay a lot of impetus on honing every aspect of a child’s personality that works towards nurturing the child into a happy and well-equipped human being. On the road to achieve this aim, we as a community intend to initiate programs to accentuate the school’s culture and student’s growth. This website is a small initiative to assist and enhance the school‘s efficiency and disseminate information and knowledge by adopting collaborative principles of education.

Mother Teressa said, “In this life, we can do only small things with great love.” At DUCSSS, we concentrate on every ‘small thing’ and nourish students with morals, attitudes, and values so that over time they are prepared to do great things in life. Keeping this in mind, The Delhi United Christian Sr. Sec. School is launching into the digital revolution that we believe will transform every aspect of student life in and outside the classroom. It will also contribute to the school’s productivity, shaping education through digital vision as we march together from traditional communication systems to digital communication and networking.

With the new system in place, the closed classrooms are now open as the school goes online and utilizes collaborative learning- teaching techniques, modifying the conventional way of reception of knowledge. In this way, teachers and students can now work as teams and effectively work by broadening their horizons beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Education is one of the means to transmit the light of life and to spread the radiance of values and morals among men. Inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ and following our motto “Onward We Go” it’s our endeavor each day to ignite the minds and souls of the students and use education as a tool for social reformation. Adopting teaching-learning modules of the 21st century, we advocate successful careers of teachers and students who subsequently benefit society. We feel proud that we are a part of such an institution, which is shaping future citizens.

DUCSSS is an institution that upholds the value of professionalism. Our teachers strive to teach innovatively academic programs and also facilitate students to acquire skills needed for self-development. Thus, with immense pride, we state, that we have a highly resourceful and hardworking faculty. The reputation the school has acquired and established over these years is due to the dedication and selfless commitment of such teachers.

We at DUCSSS are eager to explore, excel academically and express creatively keeping in mind the vision and mission of the school. I thank and wish well for all the contributors to this institution.

May the love of Jesus Christ be your guiding force.

Monika Alexander

Officiating Principal / School In charge